What is a Buyers Agent?

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Whats the secret to securing your next home or investment property in this competitive Sydney market?

Purchasing with a qualified Buyers Agent. Buyers Agents represent the buyer and not the seller - keeping your best interests in mind. If you want to find the best house for you, your family and your lifestyle, you need access to the best service, the greatest expertise and the deepest


Don't miss out on your next home. Let us secure it for you. By engaging with a qualified Buyers Agency most purchasers will see a 7 - 15% saving on their purchase.



If you want a completely simple answer to first get your head around the concept, they are the opposite of a selling or real estate agent - they don’t sell property, they purchase property for their clients. The concept of a ‘Buyers Agent’ is quite new in Australia, though 60% of property transactions in countries like Canada and the US are completed with the assistance of a Buyers Agent or 'Broker'. There are many key benefits of using a buyers' agent to help you find your next investment property or home, the main benefits include:


  • Saving time in searching for your next home or investment property as buyers' agents have extensive local knowledge and years of experience to help you faster.

  • Gaining gleaning local knowledge, our experts are here to help and help educate you on the best areas and prices.

  • Receive accurate appraisals to get the true market value of the property you might have your eye on. 

  • Gain access to every single property on and off the market - You're probably only scratching the surface of what homes are out there by searching online and in newspapers.

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  • Gain access to the latest market data and predictions.

  • Having a professional guide throughout the entire buying process. 

Buyers agents help anyone that is seeking quality advice on a property purchase whether they are professional executives, first time home buyers, experienced investors, commercial buyers or even developers.

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Tailored approach

Not everyone has the time or inclination to constantly search for properties. We streamline the buying process for you by inspecting suitable properties & providing a short list.

Furthermore, we have access to every property on & off the market, including private sales, due to our extensive industry contacts & local knowledge , saving a considerable amount of time & money with budgets ranging from $2m - $50m.

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Achieve your desired returns

Once we have identified suitable properties, we will provide a Property Report with In-depth Property Analysis, Comparable Sales,  & Valuable Independent Advice.

In Negotiation


Expert guidance

We are expert negotiators and know the tricks selling agents use to increase offers. Furthermore, we eliminate the emotional  or impulse buying by insulating you from the selling agents.

Also, we have attended 1000's and should we be required to bid at auctions, we will prepare and execute a proven bidding strategy that's tailored for the property you are buying.

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Exchange and Settlement

Peace of mind

Buyers Agents coordinate Solicitors/Conveyances & assist where required in exchanging contracts, the Building & Pest, Council & Strata Reports to ensure we don't get pipped at the post. 

Quality properties always have more than one buyer, so it's our mission to secure the property for you.

When settlement arrives we will do a thorough pre-settlement inspection, ensuring the property is as expected.

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