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The secret to how the astute property investors purchase property - Off Market Property!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Off-Market Properties are properties for sale not advertised on the internet or in newspapers.

Q: Why would vendors not want to advertise their property for sale to the general market? Don’t they want to get the maximum sale price?

A: In some cases a vendor is prepared to take a fair, or lower than fair market value for their property for the following reasons:

  • So they can avoid expensive advertising & Auction marketing campaigns

  • So they can avoid stressful open house inspections

  • So they can keep confidentiality and security at a maximum

  • So they only deal with qualified buyers

  • So they reduce agent selling fees, or pay no fees at all

  • So they have a hassle free property sale

Off market properties don't attract as many buyers and sometimes you are the only buyer, which ends up limiting the competitive environment, therefore allowing us in most cases to negotiate a lower purchase price.

Did you also know that these Off-Market Properties can account for up to 60% of properties available for sale? At Syd Real Estate, our clients get access to what's truly available for sale, not just what's advertised in the papers, or on the internet.


When you attend a property inspection and speak to John, an agent at ABC Real Estate and advise him of your buying requirements, most buyers think John goes back to the office which could have up to 30 salespeople or more, and puts your name into a buyer database and shares your requirements with everyone else in the office. In nearly all cases, this doesn't actually happen. Approximately 95% of Real Estate Agents work on contract and run a 'business within a business', so they don't share any information on buyers or sellers with anyone else in the office. When they claim you as a buyer, you are their buyer and no one else's. So basically you are relying on one person in an office to deliver you an 'Off-Market property/Silent Sale'. So, if you do the numbers you go to 4 opens on the weekend and speak to 4 agents you could be missing out on speaking to up to 120 agents in the area you are looking to purchase in. This means that from Day 1 as a buyer, you are disadvantaged in not being exposed to multiple agents and 100% of what's truly on the market.

For information about the best service for you to uncover that elusive 'Off-Market' property, please contact us today at

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